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Now that you have a guide in creating your phlebotomy resume sample, it is time to sit down and write your own story. You are welcome to use any part of the example above. Cut and paste what ever you like, but keep in mind the wording may not be applicable to you or your skill set. Do not try to mislead the reader of your resume. This will only lead to problems down the road, including rejection from a job opening. Think back on what you have learned over the course of your Phlebotomy training and education. What are some of the aspects of your job that bring you joy and fulfillment? What are some of the things that brought a smile to your patient’s face when you were performing your duties. Were you routinely complimented by your colleagues or supervisors for certain tasks or skills?

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Our phlebotomist resume sample is a basic format that can be used to write a resume. Writing a resume objective shows employers that you are focused and know what you want in a job. It is also good to highlight your skills and turn work experience into job accomplishments. Attaching a cover letter to your resume will help you stand out from other job candidates.

Phlebotomist Resume Sample - Job Interview & Career Guide

Our phlebotomist resume sample is a basic format that can be used to write a resume

This Phlebotomy resume sample can be used to help guide you in creating your own resume. Use the phlebotomist resume sample as a guide.