Your personal trainer resume should also have a version for potential clients. While clients are interested in certifications and education, your complete employment history is probably not that interesting. Instead, highlight areas of concern like safety and experience designing programs for other clients (even if your other clients are just friends and family members).

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Your personal trainer resume and cover letter needs to quickly communicate your strong points. In fact research shows that if the resume doesn't interest the reader in the first five seconds that it won't get read.



This section is the strong point of your personal trainer resume. If you are certified but don't have much experience, consider moving this section ahead of the experience section. List all certifications you can think of. If you have a personal training certification, don't forget to list your Adult CPR certification that you probably earned.

There are a million ways we could configure this personal trainer sample resume. Play around with re-ordering the headings and expanding the content to capture your strengths. We are going to put together a great looking personal trainer resume and help you land the job. Whether its your first personal training job or you are looking to advance in the field, your personal trainer resume speaks volumes about you. We provide a fully-editable personal trainer sample resume in Microsoft Word format as part of our free . If you haven't got our kit, sign up for our weekly newsletter to download your personal trainer sample resume. If you have a bachelor's degree in sports medicine and ten years of experience, then you can probably leave this section off your personal trainer resume. But if you are brand new, you need to demonstrate that you actually know something.