i need to parse a resume which is in .doc format and extract

Thanks for your coding. but my problem is i have to parse the resume which has Different format.
can you give me the idea for parsing such type of word doc file ?

If you choose not to parse your resume or do not have a resume available, click Next.

Once you have created your web service client, you can call a single method on the web service to convert and parse a resume in one operation, receiving HR-XML output in return.

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my main purpuse is that i want to parse the resume and display on the textboxes using c#

• This service is designed to parse resumes/CVs. It assumes that all files passed to it are resumes/CVs. It does not attempt to detect whether a document is a resume/CV or not. It should not be used to try to extract information from other types of documents.

Many individuals preparing a resume have no idea what resume parsing means, or what it is meant for. Today, most employers post job openings online, and most job markets are competitive. This means that for a single position, there may be hundreds or more applicants apply for it online, making huge work for hiring managers or human resource staff. The time it takes for an employer to locate the candidates that are most suited to the job can be done through resume parsing. Below, you will find more information about this technique, and why many companies choose to use software to perform this function today.

Brief explanation of resume parsing

Since the explosion of the internet, sifting through the thousands of resumes submitted for job opportunities has become a real headache for those responsible for doing the hiring. Resume parsing simply describes a technology that allows human resources to extract data in a smart way that saves a tremendous amount of work and time. Recruiters can automatically gather resume information from emails and word documents, in order to quickly come up with the shortlist of those candidates who are best qualified for the job from the large pool of applications received.

Companies often receive tremendous response to job openings, so it is not an easy task for those who are hiring to scrutinize the resumes in order to find the candidates who qualify without spending an incredible amount of time doing so. For this reason, many companies today choose to use resume parsing software.

Resume parsing software

In the past, it was often necessary for a data entry operator to manually type the information from a resume in to software, so that it could be searched in the database. Now, resume parsing software has algorithms that make it easy to distinguish between the variety of styles in which a candidate has formatted their resume. It also collects the vital information from the resume and places it in the backend database for use later, saving an incredible amount of time and making the need for data entry operators to perform this task obsolete.

Once in the database, recruiters or other hiring personnel can simply type in keywords that relate to the preferred job candidate. Those resumes that contain the chosen keywords come up first in search results, making it simple for employers to locate the most favorable candidates for the job.

Resume parsing does require a little work on your part. It is essential that you include proper keywords targeted toward the position you are applying for. Make certain your information contains no misspelled words or grammar errors, and avoid fancy formats. In order for software to parse your resume most effectively, keep these things in mind when creating it. Resume parsing isn't the easiest topic to understand, but you can learn more about how it works and what is required from you by searching online.
"Please copy and paste the text of your resume into this box. Select 'Parse Resume' to populate the lower fields with details from your resume. Please review the detail fields to ensure the data was placed correctly."