Professional Experience for an Entry Level Paralegal Resume

We have provided diverse collection of sample paralegal resumes on this website, such as state department paralegal resume, civil law, corporate law, etc., to help candidates identify specific skills required for each kind of job in paralegal category. However, there may be job openings which may not require specific paralegal profiles, in which case general profile would be required to be presented. Thus, to present the desired professional profile, candidates must draft their paralegal resume carefully, and give due attention to all sections individually. Sections such as resume objective, academic qualifications, work experience, professional accomplishments and memberships, require extra attention, considering their impact on profile portrayed.

Education Requirements for an Entry Level Paralegal Resume

Your paralegal resume is the first impression any potential boss will have of you, and unless you have a great resume, it will probably be the last. To be honest, your resume is a very direct type of marketing ‒ the prospective employer is the consumer, and you’re the product. So don’t be afraid to sell your knowledge, your expertise, and the extras that you bring to the table.

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As an entry-level paralegal, you probably won’t have a great deal of relevant work experience, so it’s very important to focus on the quality of your education. Be sure to list all the schools you’ve attended since high school, along with your major area of study, the date you graduated (month and year are fine) and any degrees or certificates you received upon graduation. You may find it helpful to include a list of relevant coursework, so your prospective employer can get an idea of your knowledge base. It’s not necessary to add your college grade point average to your paralegal resume ‒ but if your GPA was higher than 3.5, you may want to let that be known.