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You often make your first impression on hiring managers and Search Committees through your resume, and you want your resume to be outstanding. A truly outstanding resume is custom-tailored to the position you want, presenting information in order of relevance to the position.

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“After the Christmas holidays I received several calls in regard to the outstanding resume you designed for me. Recently I was called by a different government agency about the possibility of working for them. .” — D.J., McKinney, TX

Tips for Writing an Outstanding Resume Objective

For advice on how to write an outstanding resume or CV, read these resume tips we collected from 15 top career experts.

Recently, I’m intend to recreate my resume that I had been used for many years. Something with emotion and creative resume will definitely help recruiters, HR and managers to remember you. In particular, for those creative design positions. Ok, Let’s Get inspired now with these 25 great CV Creative and Outstanding Resume.

Creating an outstanding resume requires thought and effort. This is especially true when it comes to creating job objective statement for your resume.An outstanding resume is the holy grail of all job seekers – something that we all strive for but rarely attain. Hiring managers love to see them too, since they have to wade through a stack of uninspiring ones on a daily basis (and by "stack" I mean a digital stack, or a cluttered inbox rife with attachments). If you're a job seeker seeking to unlock the mystery of making your resume a standout among the stack, you're not alone. After all, this is the document that can determine whether or not you get to the next phase of the hiring process. So, what will it take to make your resume outstanding?A clever way to demonstrate an appreciation for your prospective employer’s company is to creatively incorporate the company’s service/goods in your resume. It involves some thought and creativity, but if you can pull it off, it will make an outstanding impression. This section is especially important while writing a resume for a human resources job. Try to create an outstanding resume by mentioning all your significant skills related to your profession. Here’s a good example: