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As you are developing your new graduate nursing resume you should include all work experience. For example, if you were a customer service representative prior to becoming a nurse, this will be very helpful in your new career. Most all hospitals and healthcare organizations look at the patients and families of patients as customers. Customer service is high on their list of priorities because they want individuals to be happy enough to recommend their hospital to others. Any type of work experience that involved dealing with customers is great to list on your new graduate nurse resume.

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You have just graduated from nursing school, and you aced the NCLEX exam. Even though these are great accomplishments, you have got to remember you are vying for nursing jobs with others who have accomplished the exact same things as you. If you want to make your new graduate nurse resume stand out from the others you have got to go the extra mile. Consider the type of nursing you want to do and then become an expert in your field.

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After years of hard work, you are finally graduating with a nursing degree. You can breathe a sigh of relief because all of those grueling hours of studying, class time and clinicals are over. However, now that you have finished nursing school it is time to start thinking about getting a job. This presents itself with a whole new set of challenges. New graduate nurses are having difficulty finding jobs because of the economy. A lot of hospitals and other healthcare facilities have implemented hiring freezes in an effort to save money. These facilities are receiving hundreds of resumes for nurses every week. If you want to become a prime candidate for the few jobs that are available it is very important that you learn how to develop a great new graduate nurse resume. The following tips will be very helpful for you.