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Oh no, now you’ve got me scared! What if I use a resume objective and the hiring manager looks at it and laughs at me? Are they going to throw out my resume…or worse, put it on the wall of shame?


I'm in the middle of a career change and was having a hard time articulating my achievements in such a way that they'd be more marketable to a variety of companies. Do My Resume was able to translate these into a very professional and well thought out resume. They were able to highlight my most important skills and achievements into a well formatted and thought out resume. I was very impressed with their communication and follow up. Awesome job!!

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can you find my resume on this computer and save it my name is tremyya harvey?

Thank you for the help I felt really good about my resume that I spent so much time preparing until this morning when the “thanks but no thanks” emails came rolling in. I’m certain they are generic, however, it is unsettling when they say my skill set doesn’t match what they are looking for when indeed my skills are exactly what their requirements stated. This leads me to believe they NEVER even read my previous job experience. I will update you with results from applications using my new objective statement. Thanks again.

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Feel free to contact us for feedback, bug reporting and feature request for this free resume maker. We always love to hear from our users.Is your offer still good? My resume has impressed almost every company ( or at least that is what they say) I've applied for but I've missed out on getting the job. I'm wondering how to condense it (it's 2 pages) and highlight some of my skills more without sounding like I'm being a little bit too proud. :) Thanks!

Just wanted some feedback, good or bad on my resume. Looking to transition somehow, someway into the . Thanks in advance.
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