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I ran again and tapped on a screen and then clicked the start button on the tablet to confirm. But after that the whole thing has stopped working: now whenever I execute that script the screen still goes off but the music stops playing. If I move a mouse the music resumes, the screen turns back on and I get to the lockscreen.

Obviously, you want to put your contact information on your music resume:

Press the / button on Envaya Mini while a call is in progress to end the call.
If you were playing music before the call, playback of the music resumes.

Radio Broadcasting Music Director Resume Example

Radio Broadcasting Music Director Resume Example preview.

You also want to include a brief summary of your duties while working for your previous or current employer. But, make it brief. Two the three sentences should be more than enough. And, be very descriptive when it comes listing your duties. You might be saying, how can I keep my list of duties short and be very descriptive at the same time? Well, that' the magic of resume writing. Get creative. Don't list all of your duties, but ones that relate with the business position you are applying for. With your music resume, show your next employer that you have everything it takes and know enough to get the job done. A resume maker will also guide you on how to list your specific job history duties.