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A couple of years ago, UBC conducted a where 6,000 mock resumes were sent to employers in 20 job categories throughout the Greater Toronto Area. While resumes were tailored to the job and showed similar educational background and experience, those with English-sounding last names were 40% more likely to receive interview requests than those with non-English names.

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Back in 1995, this very issue came up at an IHS career seminar. Participants wrote mock resumes and did mock interviews for academic jobs. One of the students included his GRE scores on his resume. The faculty called him on it. If I remember correctly, it was who unequivocally told the student to delete his rather impressive scores. Why? Because, quoting from memory, "Departments are looking to hire promising assistant professors, not brilliant grad students."

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Stephen Riskedal and Jalyne Herren also represented the chapter at the Job Interview CDE. The Job Interview CDE is a mock job interview process for attendees. Jalyne and Stephen both submitted mock resumes, applications, and where interviewed by a panel of possible employers. They took 5th overall in the Junior Division.

So, I need to write a mock resume for a community service project I am doing. I have never had a real job, so I would be including things like service projects and seminars I have attended that show I am able to work with people. How would I go about writing this?