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You have to prepare an impressive assistant media planner resume to get the position in the media world. You have to brand yourself like a leading company advertises its branded products. The importance of assistant media planner resume is that you have to layout the resume to have a visual pleasing. You should not bore the reviewers by writing paragraphs after paragraphs, while designing your resume. Of course, the hiring managers are also not prepared to go through long resumes.

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Following is the example of Advertising Media Planner Resume Template . You can download this Advertising Media Planner Resume Template in word or pdf format or just view it online to copy and paste...

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You should not use the same resume for every position as this will not serve the purpose. The employers expect the skills and experience of the aspirants, to be included in the details of assistant media planner resume, that are relevant to the job requirements, which are to be explained in a chronological order.