Sample Massage Therapist Resume:

Below is an image of a resume for massage therapist. Use it to get some ideas on how to structure yours, but remember that there is no one right way, go with what you think is best. The most important thing you can take from this sample massage therapist resume is that most of the bullet points have action verbs, which help demonstrate that you can actually DO something, rather than just having ‘helped out’ or read about in a textbook. Secondly, the design is very clean; make sure you have a good amount of ‘white space’ on the page so that it doesn’t get cluttered, but at the same time keep it concise enough not to have a really lengthy resume, it should be 1.5 – 2 pages maximum.

Required skills for a Massage Therapist Resume:

massage resume layout Sample massage therapist resume given here helps in providing accurate and concise details of a candidate required for the job of massage therapist.

Useful tips for writing a Massage Therapist Resume:

Sample Massage Therapist Resume:

massage resume layout Download our Free Sample Massage Therapy Resume. You can download an editable copy of this resume in Microsoft Word format by subscribing to our ...