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For basic, simple and clean resume templates for free, check out the selection and . Download the template and insert your details to make a professional resume for any purpose.Alternatively, if you have the skills, browse the templates you like and take inspiration from the elements that appeal into your own resume, adding colors, interesting fonts and company logos. You can use an online resume builder like to access resume samples by industry, or simply run a Google search for the resumes available online for genuine job seekers in the area you want to move into. Pick out the language and tone that suits both your sector and your personal style, and you’re good to go. Grabbing the recruiter's attention is half the battle when securing your first job. Each application will have a process you need to follow, and sticking within the guidelines is crucial if you want your resume to make it as far as the hiring manager’s desk. But once you get through the initial stage of screening, your resume needs to have both the style and substance to make the reader stop everything and pick up the phone to invite you into interview.Try out the resources here to help you make sure that your resume is strong enough to stop a recruiter in their tracks!

 This tutorial explains how to make a professional resume in Microsoft Word by using templates.

The “ and ” assignment was a very useful and practical project. Everyone needs to know how to make a professional resume at one point in their life. I will definitely use Dr. Fricke’s feedback from this assignment to make a better resume to use in the future.

how to make a professional resume | Resume Template Builder

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How to make a professional resume design using the best template
There are many different resume designs.
One of the best online places to find popular resume designs is on , on or on (see here-under a screen shot).
Some are a more traditional layout while others are more modern. A great deal will depend on what type of job you are applying for.