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While printing a thesis requires hundreds of sheets of classic linen paper, other projects only require a few sheets of large paper. Rather than buying more than you want, we offer linen paper in just the quantity you need. Large sheets of classic linen paper can be purchased in packets with as few as five sheets, while linen resume paper is available in quantities of 250 or 500 sheets.

Southworth 100 Cotton Linen Resume Paper , Ivory.

Stand out from the crowd with Southworth 100% Cotton Linen Resume Paper. The classic linen finish, 32 lb premium weight and the crisp feel of 100% cotton make an immediate and lasting impression. Perfect for resumes, cover letters, and thank you notes. Choose from three subtle yet professional colors. Matching envelopes in two sizes for added impact. Laser, inkjet and copier compatible. Watermarked fine quality paper. Endorsed by the .

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Stand out from the crowd with Southworth 100% Cotton Linen Resume Paper

Then, I assemble PDF pages of square colour images of the appropriate sizes (1" for medium creatures, and so forth). I started by getting the large collection of counter images from , and augmented that by doing some graphics work with Photoshop and PDFs from Paizo (for the adventure path stuff I'm using). I build PDF pages of exactly the counter images I need for upcoming play, and then print them at an office supplies store on their colour laser printer service (on linen resume paper).