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Start with an effective career objective, immediately following your contact details, bringing together two or more pieces of information pertaining to your professional interests into one complete objective. Know that the objective can also act as an official title to your resume - refer to the one that is shown below in the lab technician resume sample. Observe carefully the formation of sentence here. You need to compose an objective that is free from 'I', 'my', or 'me'. The reason behind avoiding these pronouns is to keep the resume employer-centered. Going down to the next section, the profile summary comprises of 6-8 points, bulleted and brief, explaining your role as a lab technician in your previous employments. Here, you need to smartly bring together a set of information and present it with efficacy, so as to reflect a highly desirable profile. Study the summary in the example below, and you'll get a clear idea for sentence construction and the arrangement of information. Before you set to write this section, make sure that you leave out all the general or commonplace facts and details. This will help keep your resume highly specific to the job you are seeking, preferably reduce it to a page's length.

    Laboratory Technician Resume Example

This lab technician resume can be used for applying the following job titles: Medical Lab Technician, Dental Lab Technician, Chemical Lab Technician, Chemistry Lab Technician and even Photo Lab Technician or Computer Lab Technician.

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Use the following lab technician resume sample as a guide to create your own professional resume. This example lab technician resume should be personalized to reflect your own career history, job experience, qualifications, skills and education.

See below for a free sample of a lab technician resume. Observe carefully and understand the arrangement of information. Browse the website to come across more resume templates and cover letter samples.Searching for an impressive resume format to make an application for a laboratory technician position? Here is some assistance for you in form of a laboratory technician resume, belonging to Lori Green from New York. This resume has only two sections in it. The first section concentrates on the professional experiences of the candidate. Experiences relate to only two organizations. The recent and most relevant one is described thoroughly. This section highlights the key duties performed, the areas of expertise related to diagnostic tests, equipments used and the training programs attended during this work tenure. The second experience is concisely written about, presenting the key responsibilities in few bullet points. Education details come next and represent the details of the university name and the course completed by the candidate. The negative aspect of this format is the absence of career objective, key skills, personal details and references. Hence, feel free to include few more sections that your recruiter expects to see in your resume.