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 To help you do this, we have divided the process of writing KSA responses into 4 steps.

Do not worry about being repetitious in writing KSA responses. Each KSA is rated separately by the subject matter expert (SME)/promotion panel and as long as the information you give is relevant, it does not matter if you have used it already in another KSA.

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KSA Response #1:

KSA Response #2:I am the secretary in my unit. I handle the writing of responses for most non-technical correspondence received in the unit and for all administrative matters within the unit. I respond using various form letters that we have. Sometimes I have to draft a letter from start to finish depending on what the inquiry is about. For example, an employee may need a statement regarding leave balances, which I would write or I might have to write a memo to the warehouse regarding supply shortages. When the manager writes memos he will give them to me in draft form and I will rewrite them to ensure proper grammar and to put them into the right format.Which response is better?The writer of the first response seems to be confusing typing with writing. It is not until the third sentence that we get some specific information regarding a writing activity. And then, in the last sentence, the writer gives us some new information (how long the writer has been a secretary and how well the writer does the work of the position) that has nothing to do with the KSA as defined for the job. Remember that the SME/promotion panel rates your responses as they relate to the Crediting Plan. If what you have written is not relevant to the KSA, it will not relate to the Crediting Plan either and you will not receive any credit for it. The second response gives more relevant and useful information. The writer has provided specific information related to the KSA and has given examples to show the kind of writing that is being done. This response has given the SME/promotion panel enough information to properly credit the writer's experience. HYPOTHETICAL KSA #2Management Analyst, GS-12KSA Title: Ability to communicate in writing.