Part 1 – Resume Writing – Write a resume that generates results

My IT resumes pull in your strategic value proposition - looking beneath the surface to uncover brand value and present your competitive edge.

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To start off, job searching is a pain and resume writing is tedious. Now we're in a new generation where LinkedIn is a must and who really knows how to use that effectively?? Milly helped me with my resume and LinkedIn overhaul, and I've got to say I'm impressed with my own accomplishments LOL. Anyone who criticizes someone for working from home is like criticizing a person who has a smartphone... This is 2014. Understand the new century changes and hire Milly to help make you look good!!

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If you've created something big at the beginning of your career and spend the rest of your professional life building on that initial success, you must turn the traditional resume on its head to showcase that accomplishment.

Your IT resume should say more about you than the programming languages you know. Check out our sample technology resume below to see how you can provide a complete picture. .We’re open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week... ready to get started on YOUR new IT resume! All projects are completed within just 2-3 days (or less)! Can’t wait even that long? We also offer 1-2 day RUSH services! Remember:Can you afford to make a career-based purchase? Since 1994, we've successfully assisted tens of thousands of clients who answered that question with a definite "NO!" FLAWLESS, letter-perfect IT resumes are just $139.95. Cover letters and a variety of other useful career-oriented write-ups are available for even less! In most countries, resume writing services are usually even tax deductible! If your new IT resume helps you get your desired job even ONE WEEK quicker than you would on your own, it should more than pay for itself!Tailor your Resume to reflect your experience. Showcase your experience and goals with a resume tailored for your profile. We customise your resume to highlight your accomplishments and experience. Relevant keywords are included in an effective structure to help advance your job search.