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The job market of today makes it extremely difficult to get work, and with more and more people applying for the same jobs, you need to do whatever you can to stand out from the competition. The best way to separate yourself from other job seekers is to present an attractive resume, but knowing exactly how to improve upon what you have is far from easy. Infographic resumes are something that is becoming more and more popular, because it truly allows your resume to stand out. With bright colors, visuals, pictures, and even designs, an infographic resume shows that you have the creativity to succeed anywhere. Companies are drawn towards applicants with an infographic resume, and we can have the resume design service to get you what you need.

Pro - Some infographic resume formats make it…Con - The same formats can highlight…

The infographic resume, which uses images, charts, and colors rather than basic text to present your skills, experience, and value to an employer, has become more prevalent over the past three years. Is it right for you in your job search though? Here’s some more insight and some examples of infographic resumes:

Brit Fitzpatrick's Infographic Resume

Yung infographic resume ng friend u fitz may sample u? hehehe.. na curious ako ano itsura ^__^

Consult first with an experienced career specialist to see if infographic resumes would be appropriate for you. Try contacting employees at the company you are targeting (via LinkedIn) and ask to see their resumes. You do know one fact about their resumes—they worked.