Guidelines for Including GPA on Resumes

You should certainly include your GPA on your resume if it’s above a 3.0. Although many companies have no GPA requirement for their applications, some recruiters say they will consider resumes with a 3.0 or higher. Including your GPA on a resume in this case assures them that you excelled academically, and will continue to do so in their workplace.

Should I still include undergrad GPA on my resume? Any other relevant tips?

If you’re concerned about including your GPA on your resume, there are many other ways to prove your abilities to a potential employer. Consider including your GPA within your major if it is significantly higher than your overall GPA.

Should You Include GPA on Your Resume? - Online Degrees Blog

• Bachelors degree; Please include GPA on resume (overall and within major)

A degree in Chemistry (BS) or related field in the last 5 years with a 3.0 or greater GPA (include GPA on resume or CV). Prefer candidate with strong background in laboratory instrument usage and maintenance, solution preparation, and MS Excel. ICP-MS experience, degree in chemistry and background in utilizing quality assurance and quality control measures preferred.