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Writing a resume is challenging. You have to work hard on every phrase and to describe effectively your achievements, skills, strengths and most importantly your resume objectives statement. This article brings sample objectives for resumes and describes the importance of resume objectives with many examples.

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After the Bridge Program, which Dr. Bose participated in during the summer after his third year, he actively pursued his job search for the next few years. He stressed the importance of resume preparation. His advice to graduate students thinking about looking for nonacademic jobs in the "distant" future: "If you're looking for a job in one or two years, I'd start working on your resume now." Creating a resume is very different than writing a CV or a PI resume; expect to spend at least six months trimming down the CV into a one or two page resume. His own resume went through "ten or eleven iterations," and he joked that he was "in [Kerry Lander's] office every other week" while he was working on it. Dr. Bose then warned students that, even after their resume is finished, "You will never have a final version."

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Volunteering is much higher in the youngest age group of 15–19 than in all other age groups, reflecting the importance of resume building and productive networking in facilitating the school-to-work transition for that group. Volunteering is much lower for immigrants than for non-immigrants, in spite of the importance of networking and social capital development for immigrants. They may engage in more informal volunteering in their own immigrant community, including remittances and activities in their home country, and they may be inhibited from formal volunteering for organizations because of language and cultural barriers.