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Here people are provided with some very professional and well designed proactive human resource resume samples to assist them in the preparation of their own resumes. Here is preview of a one such sample Proactive Human Resource Manager Resume,

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This is a free sample of a human resource manager resume. This job titled also HR Manager, Human Resource Specialist or Human Resource Manager.
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If your  and  are ready, you may email your International Human Resources Manager resume through  to  worldwide.

The sample human resource manager resume given above gives an outline of how the resume is to be written. As mentioned earlier, keep handy a soft copy of the resume as it makes most of your tasks like editing and formating easy. Use same font type and size throughout your resume. Make headlines bold, (do not ever write the entire resume in bold font!!!) wherever necessary. Make sure that your resume looks readable, and does not contain excess information. Enclosures are a must if the employer has mentioned it in the advertisement. Make sure you get all experience certificates ready, to send with the resume.