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You've decided you need a , but where should you turn? We've gathered the top eight resources for resume critiques, as well as the pros and cons of each, to help you find the best reviewer for your needs.

1. Professional Resume Writers

Resume writers can provide excellent advice on how to improve your resume, says Murray Mann, principal of Global Career Strategies Group in Chicago and coauthor of .

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Getting your dream job can be very hard. Especially when you have an unattractive resume. If you think your resume could use a little redecorating, then I will show you ways on how to improve your resume with no experience at minimal costs or almost for free. Many valuable things in life seem to have a big price tag. Education is one of them. Education is a great way of improving your CV. Education used to be about learning. Now it's only about certificates. Many have even forged their own, but we're not going to take that route. Here's a basic way of earning certificates.