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Monica Rhodes: Easy, they would join a youth corps. That’s typically how the program operates. We work within the infrastructure of youth corps. Youth corps is our wheel-oiled machines. This may be too much in the weave of things, but they have worker’s compensation, for example. They go through safety training. This is typical, this is their routine. On any project, they take someone out on, we know that a corps member is protected and is well trained to be on that job site. They also do job skills for corps members, how to fill out a resume, how to do those types of things or people or how to make a resume or put together a very strong resume. They do all the types of work.

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Volunteers from local schools and churches will tutor students on math and reading during the school year and work on STEM (Science Technology Math Engineering) related activities during the summer. There are also plans to have programs related to job skills training, such as how to fill out a resume and how to prepare for an interview.

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John - Orleans will give you an opportunity to better yourself and use the tools that you have. It - they're gonna - if you don't know how to fill out a resume, they're gonna help you fill out a resume. They're gonna help you talk to your parole officer. They'll help you get a phone call to your family if you can. Um, they'll help you in any way that other prisons won't help you. You have people there that you can actually talk to.