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Where Do I Find Work?
There are many places to find work as a freelancer, especially if you search the internet. Do a browser search for 'freelancer' or 'freelance designer.' Once you find a job posting that you are interested in, send the contact person your resume with a cover letter. Do some research on how to create a good resume and cover letter.

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Now that you have read all about how to create a good resume, it is time to see some free resume examples. The following resumes are based on real resumes of job seekers just like you. However, names and addresses have been changed.

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This month, SF YouthWorks interns are participating in a hands-on Resume and Interview workshop. In the first half of the workshop, interns work together to identify the characteristics of a good resume. Then they use a customized resume template to make or revise their own resumes. The focus is on creating a final product that clearly expresses the youth’s strengths and experience to potential employers. Many interns were proud of the final result: “It was very helpful leaning how to create a good resume,” one intern reported.