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The Toulouse Graduate School recently hosted a panel on teaching at a community college. Panelists from Eastfield College and the North Texas Community College Consortium provided an overview of the hiring process. Graduate students learned how to build a strong resume, prepare for an interview, impress a hiring committee, and engage in student life.

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Make no mistake, this is definitely not a do-it-yourself guide—Arts Law Conversations is a firm and friendly crusade to inform artists about legal constructs that define significant specific rights and responsibilities. This book is filled with need-to-know information suited for artists of all types who want to protect, share, and profit from their creations.

Reviewed by Lauren Hazel, Middle Level Visual Art Educator, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Starting Your Career in Art Education
Emily Stern and Ruth Zealand
New York, NY: Allworth Press, 2013

As a current graduate student in art education and a career changer, I found Starting Your Career in Art Education, by Emily Stern and Ruth Zealand, to be a great resource for someone who is interested in pursuing a career as an art educator. The book covers, in detail, the multiple avenues that one can take in the field and provides great tips and knowledge in everything from which education level you should teach at to how to prepare for your first interview and how to build a strong resume.

The detailed breakdown of different career opportunities that can present themselves to an art educator is fantastic. I was enthralled by the in-depth career descriptions providing all aspects, highlights, and challenges that are available for museum educators and art educators at different education levels, as well as opportunities at nonprofits.

This book is an invaluable resource and guide that can quickly help set goals and define the steps needed to have a long and successful career in the arts. It provides a great depth of knowledge for those desiring to move into a career in art education.

Reviewed by Jessica Burton, Graduate Student in Art Education at Columbia College Chicago.

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When you are nearing the end of your career at Johnny Matthew’s, we show you how to build a strong resume and cover letter that will entice potential employers to hire you, highlighting your strengths and providing statistics for you to give. Our graduate placement rate is high, so we know our methods work.