Here are 10 steps to creating an effective hockey resume:

If you are going to market yourself, you, the commodity, have to do it effectively. Here are some tips for creating an effective and impressive hockey resume:

I have attached what my creative and hockey resume(s) look like.

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Kyle Connor’s hockey resume just keeps on growing.

Interested candidates should send a hockey resume and three references

I need to make a hockey resume. anyone have a sample they could send me? I want to apply for a scouting position and I have had many years experience with coaching and training. Please PM me or post a link to view.

The hockey resume is probably one of the most misused tools that a hockey player has at his/her disposal. It's an effective way of promoting yourself to people that you want to see you. Some of us may not need a resume to get people to look at us, but most of us will. Be persistent, and let teams and people know that you are a motivated and interested player who wants to be found. Help them find you!! A hockey resume? What is it? Do I really need it? How do I make it? These are all questions that are important and have to be answered. Lets get started.The Admirals Hockey Club is proud of our strong hockey leadership to continue our commitment to player development. This team of hockey directors will work together to set programming, support coaches, focus on skill development, and build a premier hockey organization. While the directors will have specific responsibilities, they will be working together on all aspects of our hockey club. In addition to their hockey director responsibilities, the directors may also coach a team.
There is no point in having a hockey resume if you're not going to take full advantage of it. Send it out to who you want to see it. It's never to early to start for Jr. A, Major Jr., U.S. College, the CIS, all the way through to Professional. Get your name out there, and make them aware of who you are and how they can find you. You'd be surprised at how many of the teams will get back to you either on the phone or through a letter. If you want it bad enough, a quality hockey resume will help you get there.Hockey coach resumes are on their way to becoming Dynamic Web Resume’s forte. In the past month 8% of our visitors were looking for information on hockey coach resumes. This is pretty good for a site that didn’t even have any information on the subject. We have designed a few resumes for hockey coaches but haven’t really focused on it as a selling point for the company, so here we go all the pro’s on why a hockey coach should have a web resume!