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Most people underestimate the importance of good resume design, but it's actually critically important. As I said earlier, most HR folks/ recruiters will scan your resume for 10-15 seconds to determine if they want to interview you. If you don't make it easy to read, they will miss key points. Oh and while we're on the subject of design ... please, please, please don't use a Microsoft resume template when you write your resume. It just makes your resume look like everyone else's and does nothing to help you market yourself as unique and interesting.
This is where you need to be brutally frank with yourself. When I write a resume for a client and send them the first draft, one of the most common responses is "wow! I'd hire me!" If you don't feel that way about your resume, why should anyone else? Take the time to make your resume the best that it can be.
It's essential to ask for feedback from other people whose opinion you trust because you can't always stand back and view your resume dispassionately. BUT, two notes of caution. (a) Make sure that you only ask people who have hiring experience, and (b) Don't ask them 'what do you think of this resume?' That question doesn't get to the heart of what you want to know and invites people to give you their own resume biases, which may or may not be correct. Instead ask "what impression do you get of me when you read this resume?"That question will focus their attention and ensure you get the most useful feedback.

How Good Resume Designs Outperform The Bad Ones!

Good resume design means your resume is both appealing and accessible for prospective employers. Use a resume layout and appearance that feels right for the job you seek and appropriate for someone in your shoes.

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Good resume design means your resume is both appealing and accessible for prospective employers