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The following is a free resume sample for retail store manger and for any manager of a chain store, such as: clothing store, grocery store, department store or restaurant store.

Make a Research Director resume by using our job specific free resume samples.

If your passion is to Wait Tables, whenever and wherever, then use this free resume sample waiter example as your springboard to success.

In the words of the infamous British Prime Minister,
Sir Winston Churchill, "We shall NEVER Quit...
We shall NEVER Surrender..."

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When looking for free resume samples pay attention to who wrote the free resume you are looking at.

I know you want some quality free resume samples you can use as templates to create your own. Before you start using the 3 I'm about to give you, just keep in mind: anything worth its salt will cost you money. There is always a gimmick of some kind attached to free merchandise, free vitamins, free resumes and free anything. So what's the fee for a free resume? Disappointment and discouragement when the calls for an interview pass you by.