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Other examples are Web sites, job boards and recruiters. Was the candidate’s resume found on a niche job board, for example, that features the resumes of minorities? Some employers, such as one requesting federal contract work, might program the ATS to assign a higher value to such a resume. Job boards and recruiters with a particularly good reputation with an employer might also earn a few extra points for a submitted resume.
The lesson is simple: If you are in fact being referred by an employee, make sure the ATS knows it — because it’s smart enough to care.

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Most - almost eighty percent - are making a move towards scanning resumes electronically for or accepting resumes electronically. What this means is that having an in addition to your traditional resume, that is full of keywords and ready to go at a moment's notice, is a wise .

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The result of a highly formatted resume being classified improperly: a garbled mess.

Use Microsoft Word. Be extremely cautious if you select a resume template. Many are too complicated in layout, have excessive shading or other formatting features that are not recommended.

A skills resume combines the skills you have from a variety of experiences — paid work, volunteer work, student activities, classroom work, projects, you name it — and groups these skills by category that relate to the kind of job you're seeking. This format works best when a traditional resume just doesn't work to make you look like a good candidate even though you have relevant skills. But use caution: many employers don't favor skills-format resumes. A Career Services advisor can look at your first resume draft and help you decide if a skills format might be the best approach to use.If you would like resume templates and set-by-step resume writing instructions, take a look at my course, . It comes with 20 Microsoft Word templates, so that you don't have to worry about formatting your resume - you can just type over what's there.