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Build a firefighter resume! Seems pretty simple and straight forward, right? Many candidates overlook how important a complete, professional firefighter resume is when searching for a job in the fire service. Having a poorly formatted firefighter resume may even have your application thrown out before you even have a chance to prove yourself in an oral firefighter interview. Build a resume that makes you stand out from the rest while still laid out in a professional format. Most firefighter resumes are quickly skimmed and should therefore be in a simple layout that will enable the reader to quickly understand the content. Your outline needs to be simple and easy to comprehend. Build a resume that is professional looking, the recruit needs to be able to transfer their information into a typed, easy to read font such as Arial, Verdana or any other standard, easy to read font style.


Build a firefighter resume including several other categories that are optional such as detailed, personal information and overall career objectives. Employers want to see that you are goal oriented and working towards a goal that includes working for their fire department long-term. Fire departments take the hiring process extremely seriously because it costs a lot of money to train new employees and they need to be confident that you are able to learn and comprehend new information specific to their stations policies and guidelines. Always develop your firefighter resume with the forethought of elaborating on any particular category. It is important to intrigue the reader and keep them interested in what you have to say. Adding irrelevant information will only frustrate the reader. We will be discussing many items not to include in your firefighter resume in the section below.

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It is recommended to include a cover letter along with your firefighter resume. A cover letter is a short and to the point business letter. Use the font heading on the cover letter that you have on your resume. Address your cover letter to a specific person if possible. This can be done by going to the fire department’s website or contacting their human resources department. The main purpose of your cover letter is to highlight your strengths and positive attributes by relating your experience to that of the open position. Focus your attention to your accomplishments, communication skills, attention to detail and ability to work independently as well as with a team. It is recommended to also include your time management skills and list an example of each your strengths that the employer will be able to relate to. The most important element to build a firefighter resume is to sell yourself. Focus on pertinent information to show you add value and install confidence in the employer that you will be a positive influence on your fellow associates. Build a firefighter resume with all of the above in mind but also it is important to be yourself, for the employer is looking for an applicant that is worth their investment.