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Resume is an important tool for all types of job seekers to hunt job in all fields. If you want to become a firefighter then it is essential to design a well drafter firefighter resume to showcase your relevant skills, education, experience and certifications. Error free and concise resume will help you to grab the attention of potential employer for the hiring of firefighters. This resume provides appropriate details of education, employment history and special interests. You should write your resume in a way to underline all significant details for the expediency of future employer. If you want to out stand in screening process then it is essential to focus on the requirements of potential employer.

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This free Firefighter resume example is a draft for the following job titles: Fire Fighter I (Entry Level), Firefighter (Basic Life Support), Wild-land Firefighter, Firefighter / EMT or MEDIC, Firefighter Recruit, Firefighter Paramedic, Volunteer Firefighter and Certified Firefighter.

Fire Fighter Resume Objective:

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Firefighters are responsible to promote fire safety and standards in public and commercial premises by performing and advising on all matters interrelated to the fortification of life and property from fire and other risks. Firefighter responds to disaster situations and chiefly protects people, milieu and property from all types of accidents and emergencies. They work in close contact to local community to increase their awareness level in order to prevent fire and accidents in the fire place. Lectures, drills, practices and various other training programs are important for the job of firefighter.