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The resume must be written in such a fashion that it emphasizes that the applicant is fully equipped to carry on with the work of a Fire Chief Post and understands the responsibilities involved. Below is a sample Fire Chief Resume that will help applicants in getting a better understanding of how to write effective resumes for the post.

Good luck with the Fire Chief resume sample.

All this calls for need to draft a befitting fire chief resume, which not only promotes the desired skill-sets, but does so in a professional and inciting manner, so that employers are provoked to meet the candidate. This would eventually win candidates the much desired interview call, and an opportunity to personally justify their candidature suitability. Acknowledging the important role played by resume in helping the candidates win the opportunity to step inside the interview room, we have shared a professional fire chief resume example, which can be referred to, and modified appropriately.



In its decision of August 20, 1973, the commission ruled, although it called its conclusion a finding, that the town's adoption of G. L. c. 48, Section 42, constituted a designation by the town of the fire chief to deal with municipal employees and that, therefore, the fire chief was a "municipal employer" as defined in G. L. c. 149, Section 178G. The commission further ruled that rules and regulations of the fire chief concerning "tours and shifts of duty, work schedules and other patterns relating to the assignment of personnel" are "conditions of employment" within the meaning of G. L. c. 149, Section 178H. The commission ruled that the selectmen should have appointed the fire chief to the municipal employer's collective bargaining committee, ordered them to do so, and directed that the selectmen and the fire chief resume