Fashion Resume – Qualifications and Skills

Your fashion resume is the first thing potential employers will see--and you only have about 20 seconds to grab their attention and get an interview. Follow these tips to make sure your resume hits the mark:

Professional Experience for a Fashion Resume

The best fashion resumes clearly outline two things: a) your qualifications and b) the right personality. While you want to show off your skills in a concise manner, don’t be afraid to inject a unique voice into your document. Hiring managers want to connect with you on a human level. Stick to the standard sections — summary, experience, education and skills — but make sure a little of you shows through the list. A fluid and efficient writing style helps a lot. Cover letters are an equally great way to achieve this.

Education Requirements for a Fashion Resume

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A fashion resume belongs to the group of skills resumes. This is always a significant and imperative resume you prepare in order to occupy the resume positionof a designer.

A fashion designer is involved in the aesthetic application of design, creating the look and feel of clothing and a wide range of accompanying accessories. Below is a fashion resume sample that can be used for guidance, so that you can present yourself in style when competing for your next employment opportunity.According to BLS, the median annual income for fashion and textile design career s was $55,840 in 2004. Salaries vary widely based on experience and employer-- fashion designers can earn anywhere from $27,970 to $112,840. It's a labor of love, but with determination, talent, and a winning fashion resume, you can establish a design career and start making fashion history.