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But seriously, I'm not trying to waste time or money. I'll leave that to the politicians....they do it so well! I'm just tired of the whole political climate here in California. I'm tired of the career politicians with their fancy resumes and impressive credentials. I just wish that more politicians could put honesty and integrity on their resumes. While the specifics of a given office can be learned, honesty and integrity are either part of your moral fiber, or they are absent.

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In my short time in the intern/professional world, it is safe to say that I have picked up and looked over hundreds of resumes. From being an interviewer to peeking at my roommates' resumes to searching on the Internet for the best templates, I have seen it all. In format, they tend to range from so painfully boring I'd rather read an encyclopedia to way over the top filled with colors and different types of fonts. So how does one choose how much aesthetic effort they put into their resume? Below, I go over the pros and cons of an over the top, colorful, fancy schmansy resume.

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Fancy resumes rarely make it to a human’s eyes because they get jumbled up and filtered out by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs).

HR is also not a fan of fancy resumes with heavy design features, or 3d graphics. The use of APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEMS is rampant. ATS does not like tables, or graphics, and typically, it sorts those resumes, and ones with photos, into the No pile.