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Structure – The structure for an executive resume format should still fall within modern resume standards. These include a headline objective, a profile summary, areas of expertise section, a reverse chronological professional experience section, with education and other relevant information at the bottom of the resume. Regarding length, an executive resume format should run no more than 2 pages, 3 max. The difference is you will want to put a bit more polish and design on this structure, without going overboard, which brings us to color, font, and content selection:

The Roman Executive Resume Format

CV writing will not be complete if you don’t cross to the customization of your personal brochure. Most people prefer to apply one template for all the job application they attend to. Do not settle with only one format for your resume. The same template will not work for all companies. Maintain at least two different executive resume formats. Each one will highlight different types of work, skills, and experiences that you have gathered from the past. Customize your resume depending on the needs of the position you’re applying for. Resume development is hard if you have no idea on how to do it, but for starters, you can just copy a specific format from the internet.

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That said, executive resume formats can be used by any job seeker, especially if you have significant career or academic accomplishments and you seek a more comprehensive approach to employment history — if that comprehensive approach is relevant and enhances your candidacy.