Resume Sample Example of Business Analyst Resume Targeted to the

Here is a free for use example of sales rep resume for many fields and industries, to name some of them: medical, insurance, technical, software, retail, furniture, cell phone, cosmetic, car and pharmaceutical sales

The following is an example of a resume entry using the STAR method:

This following resume sample provides generic example of a resume for many Insurance fields, such as: life insurance agent, health insurance, adjuster insurance, business analyst insurance, auto insurance and property and casualty insurance.

Download an example of a chronological resume.

The following is an exceptional example of a resume for Aged Care Worker job that you may use if you are applying for this position.

1. Introduction: It is likely that resume trends (and the business world as a whole) have changed since you joined your company. If your old resume contains an objective, trash it. These are candidate-focus and the current business mindset is company-focused. Instead, start off your resume with an introductory summary (a paragraph stating your core strengths and unique talents that make you great for the position). You may even choose to add a list of keywords that fit the potential position. Here is an example of a resume with a brief yet inclusive list of job-specific keywords.