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Do you see the difference? I talk more about this in the sample eBook. I also include three sample event planning resumes that utilize strong, active language and outline various formats.

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Event planning requires creativity, organization and flexibility. You will need to work well under pressure to meet deadlines and be able to multi-task as you juggle multiple projects. You need to be assertive when dealing with a crisis yet patient with your client. Strong written and verbal communication skills allow you to negotiate well with your client and vendors and an understanding of budgeting will help you stay on target with your expenses.

Events Planner Resume Example

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This is the second mistake people make when trying to land their first event planning job. In an attempt to make it look like they have some event planning experience, they actually magnify that they have none. They might think that they've done a good job spicing up their event planning resume, but in reality they might as well not even bother; because anyone in the event planning industry can see right through it.