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An excellent English teacher resume will show the educator’s ability to effectively motivate students to develop strong critical thinking skills and to think for themselves in a “risk-free”, safe learning environment. Furthermore, the resume needs to demonstrate the teacher encourages students to ask relevant questions and participate in classroom discussions to increase social growth and self-confidence. This English teacher resume sample is not a dreary work record where Kelly taught English, but a powerful, focused marketing document that showcases her value to the students and the whole school community. If you read the profile, areas of expertise, and bullets under each employer, you will understand why the schools she taught at are better off today than when she started. View this in PDF format.

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The high school English teacher resume sample given above will help an English teacher to apply for more suitable and better job vacancies. The sample can be used as a resume template to draft one's resume and present his candidature as effectively as possible.

English Teacher Resume: Sample of English teacher resume

An English teacher resume would help you to outline your resume in effective way.

On this page you will find a bank of 5 professionally designed English Teacher resume templates. Each one if different and written to the highest standards. They all highlight a candidate's relevant competencies as well as their communication skills.

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