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The choice of the right fonts and size will be important too. It will be extremely unpleasant to be able to read a resume only with a magnifying glass. Size of fonts smaller than 8 or 9 points won't be recommended. Readable types won't be smaller than 10.5 points, and 11.5 points will be better. Use always comfortable margins (0.7" to 1 inch), spaces between lines and empty spaces to highlight the titles. On the whole, the resume has to be elegant and attractive from the first moment you lay your eyes on it. Reading a well formatted elegant resume with well distinguished contents, will be less time consuming than reading a crowded one page resume, which was made with the only purpose of writing the information in a smaller number of pages. The length of the resume should not be sacrificed because important information was left out, but if some information is based on unnecessary topics, the content of the resume should be cleared. It is better to have a clear layout of a resume, instead of one very crammed with diluted substance. An elegant resume must be always clearly written and brief as the substance of the information allows it, but remember that before having a "nice" resume you must have an "effective" resume layout.

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Clean Elegant Resume. Two page US Letter and A4 InDesign templates. Character and paragraph styles setup for easy editing and font changes.

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If the last page contains only a few lines, the whole text must be revised in order to obtain an elegant aspect of the resume. All resumes that have more than one page should have the pages numbered, and should also include the full name on the top of each page. Choose proper numbering for pages in order to have an elegant resume. In this way, if the pages are separated from each other it will be easier to put them back together. To attract even more attention to the reader, head footers could be enclosed in 2-3 page or even longer resume (CEO positions or higher). This customized head footers will be the advertising note that will keep reader interest. To be effective, elegant resume should include supplementary sheets or addenda, providing additional information without adding any supplementary length over the basic resume. These addenda should be strategically and effectively organized. Any published works, professional training and expanded studies over the years will be mentioned here. By creating a basic elegant resume and using different addenda, you have the possibility to choose every time which supplementary information to send to the employers, considering the relevance for the opened job. In this way, the basic resume will always remain the same one, with the relevant information included only.