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An electrician resume is a brief autobiography that gives experience and knowledge of a person. This is a story told by you, which is why it is called an autobiography. No one knows your life better than you. If you have any experience at all with writing a resume, it is best to do it yourself.

Electrician Resume – Objective Statement

Electrician Resume – Qualifications

As you can see in this master electrician resume example, it's important to describe the tasks you were in charge in past jobs, and if you are affiliate to any professional association.

An electrician resume can be considered as your systematic and scientific attempt to project your skills and talent, to effectively coordinate various functions associated with this position, and thereby improve your possibilities for the given offer. Once you are clear with the positional jobs and duties, you would get an specific idea about, which elements of your candidature needs to be focused or highlighted, to catch the employer's attention.Most often an electrician is employed in the field of construction or repair. They generally have apprentices or journeymen working under them, and are quite often in charge of large construction projects. The objective statement on an electrician resume would define what kind of role the applicant is looking for while expressing future goals. An applicant might state, “Licensed electrician looking to supervise crew for new home construction.”Unlike an electrical engineer, an electrician isn’t required to have any upper level education in a college or university. They are, however, required by most states to go through certain coursework and apprenticeships prior to licensure. Most often the governing body is the state in which the job applicant intends to work, but there are still some states that leave that jurisdiction up to localized counties and/or municipalities. An electrician resume should make it quite clear that the candidate is seeking work as an electrician and not an electrical engineer.