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Generally, a resume should be one page. But that depends on the job and the qualifications that are required. In doing a resume with a cover letter you have to remember that it's for only getting the interview, not telling your life's story. Do you need one or two pages to market yourself? Is it going to be scannable? The answers to these questions will determine one or two pages.

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You may be exploring a career transition, trying to improve your current career, learning to handle office politics, practicing for interviews, re-doing a resume, or striving for life balance.

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You do not want to use acronyms in your resume that others do not understand. That is part of the difficulty of doing a resume yourself. A good resume writer can help you express information in terms others understand. I can learn about your job from you! However, I expect my clients to work when they work with me to write their resumes – if you are not willing to do that, you are not my client – and we are not a fit. There is no one writer/fits all clients reality.

A. I would advise not doing a resume over the Internet or in email. I have had many clients come to me after they paid for an online resume and they never received it.

Look for someone that has a strong background in HR and has done recruiting.I just got a job with Fidelity. I disagree with the posts completely. I knew NO ONE in the company. In fact, they called ME after doing a resume search online. I figured I would give it a shot to see what it was like... so I went on the interview. It was a little disorganized but you can tell that it was because of the growth that they are experiencing in this area. The people were ultra nice and everyone I interviewed with had been there for 12+ years. If it were such a bad place to work... why would they be there that long? As far as the benefits....I haven't seen better. I got a feel that everyone was very competent and wanted to do great things. I hope that there are challenges... that is how you achieve the next level of greatness... pushing beyond what you thought you could do.