Professional Experience for a Doctor Resume

To achieve a job position as doctor, it's important to specify your specialty in the resume; you can also add the information of your residency and internship. You can see more useful information in this doctor resume template.

Educational Requirements for a Doctor Resume

The objective statement in a doctor resume would only need to be a short statement regarding why he/she is seeking employment, and what future goals might be. For example, a doctor resume objective statement might read, “To obtain a position on staff as a general practitioner in a busy family medical clinic with the goal of becoming a partner in the medical group.” Contrary to what many people believe, even doctors start at entry level jobs.

Here are the guidelines to create a junior doctor resume:

Here is preview of a free Sample Junior Doctor Resume created using MS Word,

Of course it goes without saying that the educational requirements of a medical doctor entail 4 years of college and another 4 to 6 years of med school, depending on the area of medicine. When added up, a doctor spends approximately 21 to 23 years in school prior to being awarded that diploma! On a doctor resume, the medical school would be listed first since it will offer the highest level degree. After that, any colleges or universities attended would be listed in reverse order just as in the professional experience portion of the resume. Any specializations that were studied above and beyond med school requirements should be listed here as well, which would include international, national or statewide certificate programs or workshops.