Sample Digital Advertising Resume:

Dear Connie: I need to update my resume and while looking at templates I’ve run across one for a “Digital Resume”. I’m curious…what is a digital resume? How is it different from a regular resume?

Here is download link for this Digital Advertising Resume,

Creating a printed resume that looks good and reads well communicates to an employer that the job seeker possesses at least basic knowledge of office systems and proper grammar. A digital resume shows hiring managers that the potential employee possesses an expanded skill set that can help drive their organization forward in the new economy.

Key elements to include in a digital advertisement resume:

Elements not to include in a digital advertising resume:

Your new digital resume could be much more than an outline of your education and experience. For creative jobs, like web designer and interior decorator, you could strengthen your resume by uploading a portfolio of your best work. Letters of recommendation, writing samples, and even a professional headshot could enhance your candidacy. No matter what you add to your resume, the important thing is that it’s all digital. Employers no longer have a pile of resumes sitting on their desks waiting to be read; today, employers have an email inbox full of resumes to scroll through, scan for keywords and choose from. And you only have one chance to wow them when they click on your email, so step into the digital world and renovate your resume.