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How prevalent is that willingness to shift locales? In the past year, nearly one-third of registered technology professionals joining the Dice resume database expressed a willingness to relocate. Widening your talent search and looking for talent based on need and project specifics rather than emphasizing street address can multiply the possibilities for finding talent and filling those open reqs.

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George Boole, a 19th–century British mathematician, didn't have any inkling about the Internet, but his theories are the foundation for smarter searches of the web and databases. A Boolean search connects a string of up to 25 keywords with commands and symbols that help sort information and deliver more precise results. To pinpoint your ideal candidates and make your job easier, try a Boolean search the next time you search the Dice resume database.

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sent me a note that “isn’t it time for you to update your Dice resume?” I did, and I now have 15 in a day, vs. 50 in a month. If you’re in technology and looking for work, Dice seems to be working right now.