Career Coach : CV or Resume: Which Should I Send?

Please be sure to look over your CV or Resume several times for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other errors BEFORE you e-submit your application.

I have heard that some applications require a biosketch. How does this differ from a CV or resume?

Many professors and professionals have posted their CVs and resumes to online faculty web pages, bulletin boards, and employee profile pages on corporate websites. These documents, often posted as Adobe PDF files, are useful templates for designing your own CV or resume. It is best to search for a CV or resume of an individual who shares your field, discipline, or interests, as it will provide you with a model that most closely approximates what your final document might look like.

with a range of information to produce a polished CV or Resume

Below are two lists of key words that you can use to enhance your CV or Resume:

If you struggle to find words or phrases to include in your CV or Resume; you have come to the right place! When writing your CV/Resume it is important to use powerful and positive language. The readers will also judge you upon the way you express yourself, not merely on the content of what you have said…