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I need to have a 2nd resume I guess to apply for jobs w/a different email address since I forgot to write down my password & for some reason it will not come thru to my . I have tried to change it on the current resume to my gmail address & your system will not allow me to. Any other way to do this other than writing an identical resume & just changing the email address?
Mary Ritts

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The Job Search Guide is created by the Center for Career & Co-op to provide you with current resume trends, interview information and sample resumes, cover and thank you letters.

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1. A current resume. While you already provided your resume when you applied for the job, you also want to bring hard copies to the interview. Make sure you use high-quality resume paper and that your ink cartridge is fresh before printing this important document. You should also conduct additional research on the company, the department, the hiring manager, and/or the general state of the industry before the interview, and as a result, it may prompt you to . For example, you might tweak a lead-in headline or add in/adapt a career story achievement to emphasize your specific job fit. Resume conversations are organic, "living" documents adaptable to each situation. Make sure yours is tiptop before handing it out at an interview.