WordPress for Creating Resume Sites

Winway Resumé (on the Block Business and Career Center computers) has a video guide with resumé-writing tips. The Library also offers (accessible remotely with a Kansas City Public Library card) which offer guidance on creating a resumé. Please ask one of the librarians in the Business Center for assistance in using this resource.

Create a resume that will separate you from all the other resumes for the job.

At this point you are ready to actually create resumes. There are two ways you can create resumes. You could create resumes through word processing templates. These can be obtained through a simple query on your favorite search engine. To use them all you have to do is replace the ‘filler’ information listed in the template with your information. Or, you could create resumes through a resume builder, which is a separate piece of software. To create resumes through a resume builder, you would have to answer a series of questions. When the question process is finished, the software would automatically create a resume for you based on your input. You are free to modify the resume as you wish through the editing tools that are provided with the builder.

No registration required to create a resume.

Here are few reasons why you should choose CeeVee for creating resumes.

By filling in these forms with your own information, you can quickly create a resume without having to worry about the structure or layout, since that portion is already taken care of for you.