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This is probably one of the most common questions we hear at the Workforce Center! And the answer is YES YOU DO! We know you already spent hours creating a great resume and you're sick of writing.
But you spent hours creating a resume! Don't send it off to employers without a proper introduction!

  A techie-friendly 40-page guide to creating a great resume

An effective resume communicates your skills and experience to a potential employer, and helps you obtain a job interview. To create a great resume, you can use resume templates. This course describes the different types of resumes. It also describes how to access and use resume templates from Microsoft Office Online, and to create a resume by using Word 2007.

Twelve Tips for Creating a Great Resume - WGU Washington

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"I would like to thank you for creating a great resume. I have reapplied to many jobs with my new resume which didn't even respond at all with my old resume. Now I am getting responses from the same companies already with my new resume. I would like to thank you again."