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I shelled out 3k so you don't have to...

I haven't needed a resume nor been on a job interview for almost 10 years, and I was making a career change. I did need help, and for some reason I thought the more money I spent, the better assistance I would get. Not the case!

First off, Resume Strategists charged me 3,000.00 for a resume, cover letter and linked in profile because they said I was "mid career". The resume process took about a month. The way they worded some of my accomplishments definitely sounded better than what I had originally. However, the overall result was that I sounded like the most lowest common denominator Office clone. I sent out about 20 of their version and got ZERO response.

I then went over my resume and noticed that I had a history of collaborating with different teams to accomplish projects. I bumped up my summary and added some more details and got ONE response. Resume Strategists FAILED to quantify or qualify any of my accomplishments (I did that and they didn't even ask for numbers) and they FAILED to see a pattern of cross-functional team collaboration and highlight that in the summary. Some of the resume revisions I could tell hardly any thought went into them at all.

The linked profile? what a joke, just a regurgitation of your resume. The cover letter - they give you one final version. Frankly, the cover letter sucked. It was, again, my resume regurgitated. And the "career counseling" - is the most average, basic info that is easily found by doing an internet search. They do not have any inside knowledge or cutting edge information.

And in the final meeting, we barely got into the interview questions because we went over on time. Which they promptly stopped at the allotted time because they had someone else to price gouge waiting.

You don't work with Alyssa, who is touted on their website. I never even met her. And they have very nice full floor office in midtown Manhattan. Now I know why the price is so high! Gotta meet that overhead for the swank office.

Knowing all I know now, this is how I would approach writing my resume. Having an objective person or more than one person look at it is valuable. So I would go to Craigslist where there are tons of people offering resume-writing for around $50 and hire 4 of them that stood out to me. When I had the four versions, I would sit down, google search for relevant key words and create my own resume using the material I already had.

Summary: Resume Strategists is NOTHING SPECIAL and NOT WORTH 3,000.00!

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Hi Bernadette, I attended your FREE Resume Writing Seminar which was fantastic but I wanted to create my own Resume and have confidence in attending interviews. WOW did I learn this at your Resume and Interview Workshop and it was worth every cent!!! Thank you so much for providing such an outstanding course!!

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After reading by over at , I set out on a mission of creating my own online responsive resume today. I have also been wanting to give the Twitter bootstrap a try, so I happily combined the two goals together. I am outlining my progress here for your viewing pleasure. At the end of the post, you will also find a template file that I created based on my own resume. It’s all yours for the cost of no money dollars. Happy job hunting and enjoy!