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1StopResume is the penultimate online resume builder in this list. The website allows you to create a resume for free and also sends it to various companies for consideration. After you create an account, you are required to fill a questionnaire so that the website can select the perfect companies for you. After that, you have to go through the normal procedure of adding all the information for your resume. There are two templates available for you to choose from and both templates & information can be edited at anytime. The website also allows you to select a font from a given list of options. Your resume is stored online for you to see.

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Resumesimo is the second online resume builder that I have reviewed for you. This platform allows you to create professional looking resumes for free and quickly. You have to begin by entering your personal information like name, address, email, and more. The website creates your free account, once you have added all this and your resume in saved in your account. The website contains around 20 templates and you can choose a template for yourself. Once you have added the information and chosen the template, you can download your resume in PDF format. Since the resume is stored in your account, changes can be made to it anytime you want.

Create your resume online for free

How to create a resume online for free

Image above shows us one of the steps that you need to go through in order to create a resume online for free. Each step requires that you give information on a different part of a resume, starting from the basic things like your name and information to things like eduction, experience, certifications, special skills, and so on.