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There are countless tips for job seekers who are looking to create a professional resume, but sometimes overlooked is the fact that what is left off the resume is almost as important as what is included.

 launched a new tool last week that lets you use your profile to create a professional resume.

The right resume can open doors for your career. However, creating a professional resume on your own is not always easy. This is why we offer an online resume preparation tool. Using this tool, you can easily create an informative resume that looks clean and modern. Our tool is user-intuitive, so virtually anyone can create a resume for their dream job or position.

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Pretty easy to create a professional resume after answering some questions :)

Whether you are creating a first resume or one with more advanced experience, the Resume Builder makes the process fast and easy and helps you to create a professional resume that is appropriate for your career or employment objective.

CLEVELAND - Long gone are the days of using an old-fashioned word processor to create a professional resume. No more looking for templates and examples of what others have done. These days creating a resume is as easy as downloading an app, answering a few questions and hitting send! Here are some great apps for iOS and Android that will help make your resume stand out.